Till now,in my whole life span, I have always believed in empathy,selflessness and the power of giving’..and it has worked magically!

Im working for a campaign in which we raise funds for the underprivileged sections of the society to cure their fatal diseases and help them in living a normal life just like us.

Here,Im trying to raise funds for a 4 year old boy,who is suffering from this condition,the head is much smaller than the whole body,there is no permanent cure to it but the family needs funds for basic treatments and medicines.

I hope you will be happy to help,please contribute if you can,and share the word❤🌼

Valentine’s special❤

Its really funny but many people ask me or I have seen asking “How to fall in love”, “How to find your significant half”..and I think it is the most googled question after What is area 51(LOL)

Sorry google but people are more interested in their love areas rather than the 51’s….But what will google do? Give you tips and tricks on how to be more attractive or how to fake yourself up? Oh cmon, It will give you a tinder account to swipe..but that too wont make sure if your swipes will do any wonders for you..alas!

To be very honest,Today everyone wants so much and more is always less whether its money,fame or love,whenever you will meet a person (who is still single though ‘available’)and ask him about his prefrence in their partners,they will give you a full fledge list of traits and structure of a hypothetical person which will be longer than their shopping lists..

We have spoiled the idea of love , the magic it creates and the impression it leaves on our hearts and in our lives,First of all love is never perfect,its slightly different from every other feeling,viz.attachment

Sometimes,we have to just relax,be the best of ourselves and stop trying,let universe do its magic and play its vital role here.

“Best things happen when you are least expecting them”

So..for once stop finding your soulmates and find yourself first and love yourself first so that you can give this love to the one who is soon coming in your create the magic of love🌼

Love is simple and complex,it was never about our present and our ex…

One day you will fall in love,when you will experience the magic and there will be no going back and you will realise that how lifelessly you were living because its that feeling which is capable of giving you chills and butterflies all at the same time💫

Today is valentine’s day,Wish you health and Happiness and most importantly to all the singles out there,Love yourself a little more today,Fall in love when you are ready,Be patient,it will.give you the sweetest fruits

And dont forget…Shaishcares❤🌼

My trip.

One year ago on this day…8 february,2019
I boarded a train at 8pm sharp which was meant to take me to my best trip ever!

I really really am surprised how things fell into place then and everything was knitted and arranged so beautifully..I will always be thankful for this trip to the almighty,to whatever strength binding all the universe together!

To this decision which i took one year ago made me realise that what life is meant to for and it has so many purposes to serve than just one.. and what really matters at the end is..LOVE.

Can you even imagine how come two-and-a-half long days be fun in a local train?
Well…ask me honestly they were and the most AMAZING ones.

To all the people still figuring out whether to take this trip,to catch this flight,or to say yes to that gut feeling or not,well say YES to everything for atleast one day of your life,it worked wonders for me,it can work for you too:)

Today is 8 february 2020, and not even a single moment,not even a single flashback of this whole trip has left my soul,my each brain cell remembers everything so vividly,well I guess it has stored them for,ever.

No it was not a solo trip,but definitely a soul awakening ons for me.
Escaping literally everything to be with my better half,and HOW.
I will always call myself super lucky to have this precious memory in the diary of my life.
It will stay here, untouched, FOREVER.

“To all the trains we boarded,to all the planes in which we landed”


My first blog..

Sneak peek

Starting with trembling a bittersweet feeling because you are not sure whether you will achieve success or not but its great to start, atleast.

Im quite passionate about helping others,listening to them,counseling them and help them to find answers,when ever life happens,shaish cares!🌼

My experiences,your questions,some ted talk and a pinch of love and care can help me achieve my goal🌼

Do you need answers to:

  • How to love yourself?🧘‍♀️
  • How to get out of toxic relationships?🧘‍♀️
  • How to last a relation?🧘‍♀️
  • Why self romance is important?🧘‍♀️
  • When depression kicks in🧘‍♀️
  • How to be more productive?🧘‍♀️

These topics play a significant role in our lives and we knowingly ignore these,but according to me YOU should be your first priority no matter what.❤

I hope,You will help me to reach my desired goal which is to reach you by this source,promise me to reach out whenever you need a friend and a motivator by your side

I’ll be Happy to Help!Always:)

Shaishvi Gaur(with you,for you)

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